Why We Fly

Pilot rory

The Fly to Fight Sepsis campaign was inspired by Rory Staunton, a young boy who lost his life to sepsis when he was just 12 years old. From the time he could walk, Rory dreamed of flying and wanted to be a pilot.

Children still

Why do we fly?

We fly for Rory, and for the millions of children and adults, just like him, whose lives were cut short because of sepsis. We fly to honor those we lost and to celebrate sepsis survivors.

Above all, we fly to raise awareness of sepsis, so that no more precious lives are taken by this preventable, treatable condition.

Remember Why We Fly

In the two minutes it takes to fold a paper airplane, six Americans will be diagnosed with sepsis.

Six people

Of those six, two will die. 1


Sepsis affects 30 million people yearly and is the #1 killer of children in the world. 2, 3

Every 20 seconds, an American is diagnosed with sepsis, and the incidence of cases is rising 10.3% every year. 4, 5

Bar graph

In the U.S. more than
people die from sepsis every year. 6


>50% patients that die in US hospitals have sepsis. 7

As many as 80% of sepsis deaths could be prevented with rapid diagnosis and treatment. 8

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Remember, 80% of sepsis deaths are preventable if caught in time and managed correctly. Join the fight. Fly to Fight Sepsis. Here’s all YOU need to do to fly to fight sepsis.

Callout airplane
  • Learn more here about sepsis.
  • Then, download the Fly to Fight Sepsis paper airplane
  • Fold it.
  • Dedicate it. This could be to a friend or family member you have lost to sepsis, or just to the cause.
  • Then fly it while saying out loud, “I fly to fight sepsis” while someone films you.
  • Then share your video on your social media. Challenge your friends and family!
  • Finally, upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. and please tag it @flytofightsepsis and #flytofightsepsis.

Here’s your flight pack with your downloadable paperplane and folding instructions.

Download flight pack